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New Ballet. New Music. New Ideas.

NYC’s Arch Ballet (A|B) is the brainchild of Artistic Director and Choreographer Sheena Annalise. Presenting new ballet, new music, and new ideas are principles of A|B that are integral to the choreographic process and fulfilling their mission of continuously evolving ballet for the 21st century audience.


Every ballet’s concept is distinctly relevant to contemporary society often leveraging technology, visual art, fashion, and current cultural ideas to bring each ballet’s message to life on stage. Collaborations include 3D Motion projection, neuroscience research, ASL, phone apps, slow motion ink in water art, 3D Printed fashion, drones, architects, laser art, and more.

Artistic Process

Each ballet is choreographed and completed in silence, commissioned composers then create music exclusively tailored to the movement in all genres including Electronic Dance Music, neoclassical, jazz, percussion, and more.

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Support Arch Ballet's 2019-2020 Season