PROGRAM   INNATE PRISMROSE Premiered Mar 2017   I.Fragmented II.Self Reliance III.Animosity IV.Innate   Choreographer Sheena Annalise Composer Matthew AC Cohen Pianist Maya Kronfeld Lighting Designer Alexandra Christie   Tyler Anderson, Eileen Durma, Tori Hey, Aoi Ohno, Dylan Vonder Linden   —–Intermission—–   WORLD PREMIERE: BETWEEN THE LINES   Choreographer Sheena Annalise Composer Matthew AC[…]

Arch Contemporary Ballet Hues of Memory Sheena Annalise Photo by Steven Pisano Arch Ballet Luis Pons (22)

Dance Informa Magazine Review : ‘Hues of Memory’

Read the full article here —–> The Unity of Art: Arch Contemporary Ballet’s ‘Hues of Memory’ By Kathryn Boland of Dance Informa. The Davenport Theatre, New York, New York. May 30, 2017. It might be a grand claim, but nothing can unify quite like art can. 1940s Hollywood musicals, for example, offered light-hearted and authentic joy to a[…]