November 28, 2017

Giving Tuesday

giving tuesday pic

Give to Arch Ballet this #GivingTuesday

Today is #GivingTuesday, and thousands of people across the world will join the movement by supporting causes they believe in. We hope you will choose us as your organization of choice.


Your fully tax-deductible donation has a direct impact on our organization compared to larger organizations. Our growing ballet relies on the community to ensure the livelihood of our programs. Presenting new ballet, new music, and new ideas to an inclusive 21st century audience is our mission and propels us to being one of the most innovative dance companies in NYC. We aim to create relevant ballets that resonate to today’s audiences to keep ballet evolving into the future and draw in new communities in the tech field, fashion, science, visual art, music, and the Autism and Deaf community.

As a young organization our stability is directly correlated to the amount of donations received. We have grown immensely since being founded in 2013 and with your help 2018 could be our biggest year yet. Ticket sales do not outweigh the cost of production, dancer pay, musician and composer pay, choreographer pay, costumes or dance shoes. Our biggest goal is to pay ALL of our dancers an hourly wage for rehearsals for Winter/Spring 2018. 

Our dancers work 3-4 additional jobs outside of their commitment of Arch Contemporary Ballet just to make ends meet. Ballet dancers are the most underpaid art form and is the most physically demanding. We are aiming to eliminate some of that burden and allow them to put food on their tables while working with ACB which launches our #feedtheballerinas campaign. Join us in making this possible.


Our biggest goal is to pay ALL of our dancers an hourly wage for rehearsals for Winter/Spring 2018. 

One Rehearsal Cost – $360 

Dancers pay ($15/hr) X 4 hours X 5 dancers = $300 dancers pay

Rehearsal space ($15/hr) X 4 hours= $60

Rehearsals to the Stage – 48 rehearsals(3 months) = $17,280

That does not include musicians, choreographer, composers, theatre rental, lighting designers, costumes, pointe shoes, administration costs, or any of those factors into a production. For rehearsals alone we need to raise $17,280 for our spring season. #feedtheballerinas



Giving Tuesday Perks

$50 – Social Media Thank You just for you! +above

$125 – Exclusive Arch Ballet Holiday Ornament +above

$350 – Autographed Hanging Pointe Shoes for your Tree or Door +above

$750- Unlimited cocktails at all of our parties in 2018! +above

$1,000- Invitation for 2 to an Exclusive Arch Ballet Dinner featuring all of the dancers+above

$2,500-An exclusive rehearsal evening at City Center for up to 20 guests plus wine reception with the dancers+above

$5,000-Name in our Lincoln Center Program on Jan 13th+above

$10,000- Private Dinner for 10 of your guests created by and featuring Arch Ballet dancers +above