June 19, 2013





Boundless was made possible by a space grant from the H.T. Chen Dance Center.

Premiered: Chen Dance Center New York, NY May 10th, 2014

Music Composition by  Andre Danek


Arch Contemporary Ballet Chateau Sheena Annalise - Eduardo Patino (7)

Premiered: Manhattan Movement & Arts Center NY, NY Nov 7th, 2015

Music Composition by  Concetta Abbate

“Fury, Written in Sand”

fury logo 1

Premiered: Chelsea Hudson Guild Theatre New York, NY Apr 24th, 2014

Music Composition by  Igor Kogan


Arch Contemporary Ballet Sheena Annalise Wearable Technology Elizabeth Tolson

Premiere : Sheen Center New York, NY Nov 15th, 2014

Music Improvisation Composition by Concetta Abbate

Touch Censored Costumes by Elizabeth Tolsen

“Seasons of White”

Guillame Gaudet Dancers Kaitlyn Salisbury Sheena Annalise

Premiered: Tempe Center for the Arts Tempe, AZ November 9th, 2013

Music Composition by  Larrie Reece Fisher

“Strike 1”


Premiered: Ailey Citi Group Theatre May 10th, 2013

Music Composition by Luke Rodies

“World’s Joy”

Premiered: Paramount Theatre Boston, MA Aug 16th, 2014

NY Premiere : Sheen Center New York, NY Nov 15th, 2014

Music Composition by Sean Clements & The Last Drummers