Support Arch Ballet during COVID 19

To our Arch Ballet supporters,

We thank you for your continued support during our performance seasons. Our growing organization relies directly on our community to make it to the stage. Our March 14th performance was canceled, but graciously was funded by Gerry Appelstein and received no loss of hourly pay for our dancers on the performance. Thank you so much!

However as many of you know, our dancers are paid hourly with Arch Ballet and therefore are not on salary or able to “work from home”. All of our dancers have side jobs that include teaching, rehearsing with other companies, and other bodily contact related hourly work. Dance studios have all closed, schools have closed, theatres have closed, and our dancers are OUT OF WORK involuntarily due to COVID19. Their livelihood is the utmost importance to me, being a boutique organization we do not have the emergency relief funds we wish we had to support them during this time!

I am urging you to help me help them meet their bottom line this month on rent, groceries, and their cell phone bill this month – basic essentials. I am hoping to raise $1,000 per dancer x 6 dancers = $6,000 to ensure they are able to cover their rents this month.


  1. Make a donation (preferred via check written to Arch Ballet Inc or Venmo @archballet) and mailed to 149 E 23rd Street #512 NY NY 10010 or online with a credit card (help us use every dollar by donating via check or venmo if possible by saving on CC fees)
  2. We’re opening up our repertoire videos for your COVID19 quarantine entertainment!! Enjoy our virtual season presented March 18-20 !