December 26, 2017




Arch Contemporary Ballet interns are responsible for completing a 3-6 month term with 8-32 hours a week. Interns are asked to work remotely and/or in person with Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise based on commitment set forth in advance upon acceptance into the program. Specified work hours are based upon interns schedule determined before internship agreement is signed. There are four internship sectors interns can apply for:


Arts administration covers three areas of concentration: Development, Company and General Management, and Operations. Participants gain broad overview of the overall workings of the company through involvement with various special projects. Interns will gain in-depth experience and will learn how various tasks come together to achieve the company’s goals. Interns will also gain nonprofit administrative experience which can include: information research, project management and engagement, business writing, and outreach programs. Below are some examples of some of the projects and tasks of an arts administration intern.

Internship duties:

  • Creating and maintaining emailing lists, emails, press lists, auditionees list, repertoire archive lists
  • Research performance opportunities, residency opportunities, festivals, performance venues, possible sponsorships, new patrons lists, studios to give master classes
  • Booking travel arrangements per artistic director, Sheena Annalise, and/or dancers
  • Researching dance companies, spaces, and other vital contact information
  • Burning CD’s, DVD’s, creating press packages
  • Various miscellaneous tasks per company: picking up costumes from dry cleaners, grocery store runs before the show for backstage, etc. if needed
  • Putting together program information/submitting program information to performances
  • Scheduling
  • Assist with coordinating all travel and tour logistics for company, and guest artists as well as creating company tour books with detailed schedules and area information
  • Provide support in contracting dancers, music ensemble members, guest artists, supplemental dancers, seamstresses
  • Assist in putting together events with our events interns
  • Communication with other entities including college programs, other dance directors of other companies, theatre administration and more



Social media is an expanding marketing tool for millenials and we strive to be at the forefront of these tools. Interns will be able to spear head their own social media campaigns and initiatives to bring awareness to ACB and the programs they support.

Internship duties:

  • Creating campaigns and marketing initiatives for ACB and Arch for Autism
  • Posting daily to social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter
  • Creating marketing materials such as e-mail invitations, photos/graphics for social media, and social media page designs
  • Assisting in streamlining social media platforms and message of ACB and Arch for Autism
  • Tracking analytics across platforms including user reach, improvement in following, and audience reports
  • Communicate with other branding across platforms to bring awareness to ACB
  • Organizing and using Vimeo and Youtube accounts


An immersive internship where interns can gain experience in spear heading event planning and fundraising events with patrons, the community, and to the public. Interns will gain experience in creating events from start to finish, research, and the ins and outs of event planning.

Internship duties:

  • Venue research, selection, and communication
  • Creating unique event ideas for young patron events, Autism friendly events, and community events benefiting Arch Contemporary Ballet
  • Organizing the event from start to finish
  • Invitation lists, guest lists, and reaching out to communities to attend
  • Promotional materials, advertising, putting up posters
  • Researching and contacting donors for your specific events
  • Attending and running in person events
  • Acting as a liason at events


Non profits rely on fundraising to ensure they are sustainable for the next year and current productions. This vital entity of a company is crucial to gain firsthand knowledge. We will assign projects that will give you the tools to learn and achieve the below:

  • How to reach new donors, grant writing, researching tools to find appropriate grants and donors

Internship duties:

  • Research of grants, opportunities, corporate sponsorships, and new donors
  • Forming fundraising packets
  • Spear heading online fundraising campaigns such as generosity and indie gogo
  • Writing grants, emails to donors, and learning donor relationships
  • Creating email lists and intriguing content for donors


Receive first hand experience in accounting for non profits. This sector requires students to have taken an Accounting Basics class and must be comfortable with basic terminology such as definition of revenues, expenses, assets, liabilities, income statement, balance sheet, and statement of cash flows. We will assign projects that will give you the tools to learn real world experience in accounting.

Internship duties:

  • Entering revenues and expenses into the system
  • Scanning receipts to go with journal entries
  • Payroll forms and accounts receivable 
  • Balancing accounts




As an ACB intern you will receive a letter of recommendation at the end of your term based on your performance as an ACB intern, college credit according to your college guidelines, and first hand experience. Internships are unpaid and do not guarantee a hiring placement after your term within ACB.



Arch Contemporary Ballet is a young company and our office is ran out of Artistic Director, Sheena Annalise’s home. You will be working directly with her and other members of your interning team during your office hours. Please note, there may be hours where some interns will be asked to meet at our rehearsal site or photoshoot site instead, which will be given with advance notice when your schedule is set up. ACB Interns must provide their own laptop for their internship.

2253 7th Ave Suite 1N (Between 132 & 133rd St) New York, NY 10027 // Subway Lines : 2,3 at 135th St. or B,C at 135th ST.



3-6 months // 4 hour or 8 hour shifts // 8hr per week – 40hr per week

8 hour shifts are given a 1 hour lunch break, 4 hour shifts will not be given a break but are welcome to bring snacks, food, etc.. You are welcome to bring your lunch if you would like there is a full kitchen available for your use. There are several restaurants/take out establishments nearby as well.

We foster a community environment where our interns gain the most knowledge and real life experience as possible.


Interns may not share information regarding ACB’s upcoming works, donor information, names, contact information, press list contacts, or any contact information of ACB. Research done through ACB is the property of ACB may not be distributed to any outside parties, and must be erased from personal files during their last day of internship. Our proprietary information including contacts, network, and research is confidential.   



Email with your resume, sector, and proposed schedule.