2014 Highlights

Arch Contemporary Ballet brings you new ballets with new collaborations in 2015! Check out our calendar for 2015 events and performances.

Here are some of the highlights from 2014 with ACB.

Guillame Gaudet Dancers Kaitlyn Salisbury Sheena Annalise


Tempe, AZ

Phoenix New Times

JAVA Magazine

Sheena Annalise Arch Contemporary Ballet

H.T. Chen Space Grant and Premiere of “Boundless”

Tsing Tao Daily News

Out & About NYC Magazine

Chen Dance Center News



“World’s Joy” Excerpt at Boston’s Paramount Theatre

Boston Contemporary Dance

The Voice of Downtown Boston

Sheena Annalise Arch Contemporary Ballet Fury Written in Sand


“Fury, Written in Sand” in Detroit, MI

The Detroit News

Dance Studio Life Magazine


Arch Contemporary Ballet Sheena Annalise Wearable Technology Elizabeth Tolson

Fall Performance Season

World Premiere of “Progressive” and “World’s Joy”

Dance Mogul Magazine

The Examiner

Upstart Business Journal

Science Heap

MAKEzine Magazine

MAKEzine Engadget Podcast


Women’s Project Names Artsitic Director Sheena Annalise a Prodigy

Women’s Project¬†